Catch Up Post – June 2017

This is a catch-up post. I have not posted since last November so I am going to post a summary of what has been going on then (hopefully) going back and do specific posts with details a particular subject,  I kept meaning to write up posts but it just didn’t happen.  I will say this, trying to write something at 11pm generally does not work.  I need to figure out a different time of day to write things up and post.

So… what has been going on (in reverse chronological order… mostly)?

  • Yesterday, I taught my roses classes at Atlantian Summer University in Lynchburg VA
  • I am scheduled to teach the classes at Pennsic again this year
  • I was one of the speakers at the Heritage Rose Foundation 2017 annual conference in Frederickburg, VA on May 18-20.    I met a bunch of neat people and came home with 5 new rose bushes.
  • I visited with Jim Dronenburg (Master James of Rutland) and Daniel Weil (Master Daniel of Rutland) in November, and through them met Connie Hilker of Hartwood Roses in Fredericksburg VA.
  • I rooted some cuttings I got … and some actually took!
  • The potted roses were “wintered over” in a cold frame I reconstructed again this year.
  • I have weeded the revamped rose beds a number of times since they were finished (but it is an ongoing battle… which I don’t seem to be winning…)
  • I cut out a volunteer maple and wild grape that had grown up in the gardenia bushes (and into the roses next to it)
  • Documenting the saga of revamping the rose beds (multiple posts)
  • I want to do a post about the “thousand year rose” in Germany

Now I just need to find the time to write all these posts.  Sigh.