Teaching a New Rose Class

Teaching an online class about rooting cuttings
Teaching about rooting rose cuttings

I developed and taught a new class on rooting cuttings of at online Atlantia University (Atlantia being the SCA Kingdom in which I reside) this past Saturday. I taught a total of 5 classes, 4 of which were about roses. I did my “Roses Then and Now” class about the history of roses, what roses were grown in Europe and the Mediterranean basin prior to the 17th century, and how they differ from roses we typically see today. I also did my “Growing Period Roses” where I provide a spreadsheet of rose vendors and what “period” plants they sell, along with discussion of what the optimal conditions for growing roses.

The 3rd class was the brand-new one… entitled “How to Root Roses from Cuttings”. Pretty straight forward idea for a 50-minute class but it took some effort to put together given that I would be teaching it online. Generally the tech worked but there were some issues that will need to be worked out and/or just done differently next time.

The 4th rose class was an open Q&A/Round-Table about roses. It did not require much prep, which was good, but it was not a well attended as I had hoped. Oh well. Maybe next time.