Rose Bed Rebuild Plan


I have 6 rose beds in my side yard that were built 12 years ago as raised beds.  The existing landscape timbers have decayed and need to be replaced.  In addition the soil level in the beds needs to be brought back up to a couple of inches from the top of the top course of timbers.

Work to be done:

  • For 3 out of 6 of the beds:
    • Remove and dispose of existing landscape timbers (timbers have metal spikes securing them to each other)
    • re-excavate any rose bed margins where the bed dirt has eroded over and buried the bottom layer of limbers.
    • Cut and install new landscaping timbers around the perimeter of the rose beds to a height of 3 timbers? 4 timbers?
    • A gap In the top course of timbers wide enough for a garden hose to sit in,
    • Add good quality topsoil to each bed to bring the level up to within 2 inches of top course of timbers (approx 43-65 cu.ft of soil per bed.)
  • For the remaining 3 beds:
    • As above,  remove the existing timbers but also remove all the soil down to the clay layer (base soil under the raised beds).  Any plants that have taken root in the bed are to be removed and disposed of.  Dispose of soil and timbers
    • Replace ALL the soil with good quality top soil (approx. 128 cu ft.)

Material Requirements:

  • Pressure-treated landscape timbers rated for ground contact
  • Galvanized landscape spikes
  • Good quality topsoil that is free of weed seeds, etc

Additional Requirements:

  • Existing plantings in beds (with the exceptions of the 7th bed as detailed above) are to be minimally impacted.
  • Lawn surrounding beds should be minimally impacted.
  • No vehicles are to be driven on the lawn
  •  If members of the work crew are not fluent in English, there must be someone fluent in spoken English onsite at all times so I can communicate with them in necessary.

Dimensions of Beds:

Bed along the fence:

Rectangular:  36ft 10 in long x 40 inches wide.

Perimeter beds (4 of them):

5-sided resembling a rectangle with a corner cut off:  184″ (15′ 4″) x 99″ (8′ 3″) x 52″ (4′ 4″) x 146″ (12′ 2″) x 22″ (1′ 10″)

Central bed:

Rhumbus (Diamond) shaped:  each side is 96″(8′).  96″ (8′) across short dimension, 168″ (14′)  across long dimension.

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