Calendar note: applied miraclegro to potted roses

Making a note that I applied Miracle Gro for Roses water-soluble plant food to most of the potted roses this morning.  This included the following:

  • Rosa mundi and Rosa carolina by back door
  • Orange mini by back door
  • the two Knockout roses
  • the 5 potted cuttings of Cherokee rose
  • the potted Rosa mundi that were “rescued” from the jungle bed
  • the other two potted Rosa mundi in the iris bed by Francis Dubreuil
  • Francis Dubreuil
  • Autumn Damask that is in the Iris bed
  • Rosa alba semi-plena

It took about 4 gallons  (or was it 6?) to do this.  I need to scrounge a new gallon milk jug; I could not find the one I thought I had saved.  I ended up marking “gallon” line on the inside of a litter bucket with a sharpie.  I also marked the outside of the bucket that I had used it for applying fertilizer.

I did not apply it to the new bushes I transplanted from the “band” rooting pots to 1 gallon pots last week.  My recollection is that you are not supposed to apply fertilizer to newly potted plants because:

  1. the fertilizer can damage tender new roots
  2. you want the plant to grow new roots and expand into the new soil; if you give it easy nutrients, it will just absorb those and not expand.

It strikes me I overlooked applying the potion to the two new bushes (Apothecary Rose and Great Maidens Blush) even though I did not repot them.

I now also realize that I forgot to do blog post about repotting the four roses from the 4″ bands pots to 1 gallon pots.  Something to write later.