Recent Rose Purchases

Back at the beginning of May, Lara and I went up to Witherspoon Roses in Durham.  I wanted to get some new modern rose bushes.  I have been concentrating a lot on the period roses for the last couple of years and I have come to realize that I miss having the color and scent of roses that bloom all year.  As much as I like to the medieval rose varieties, the fact that they only bloom in the spring for a couple weeks does leave me wanting more.  Why should I limit myself to just roses that bloom in the spring?  I should instead demonstrate the variety that are roses!

Here are the three rose bushes I chose:

Mother of Pearl rose

  • Mother of Pearl: Light pink Grandiflora
    I heard about this rose at the winter district meeting back in January. It was noted for it’s disease resistance, specifically versus blackspot.  My receipt says “apricot”, the Witherspoon site says “coral pink”, and says “light pink”.  Now I have to wait until it blooms again to make my own judgement about the color.
Melody Parfumee rose

  • Melody Parfumee: Lavender Grandiflora
    While still wanting good disease resistance, I also wanted something that would smell good.
Melody Parfumee rose

  • Strike It Rich: Yellow/Orange Grandiflora
    And how can I NOT get a rose that has some orange in it?!

So far, they are still in pots and at least one of them does need to be sprayed for blackspot…. I guess I didn’t get as much resistance as I had hoped. Right now, none have blooms on them so I need to look at the labels to see which is the one that I need to spray.