An Evening with HTML

Wednesday, Jun. 05, 2002 – 2:33 a.m.

2002-06-05 2:33

As you can probably tell, I have been playing with the HTML and images on my page. Thanks Nia and Nikulai for the advice. It is amazing how it starts out looking like goblely gook, starts making sense after working with it for 3 hours then starts to look like giberish again after 5 hours of twiddling….

Tell me what you think! Do you like the text in a scroll area or would you rather scroll the whole page down for long entries. (Take a look at yesterday’s entry to see what I mean…) Ummm… ok, it shows with the scrollbar on IE5.5 or later and Netscape 6. Netscape 4.x does not show the scrollbar…. So if you are using Netscape 4, you can ignore all the stuff about scrollbars

You have to LOVE the variation between browsers….NOT!

It is DEFINITELY bed time….

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