My Rose Nemesis

Friday, Jun. 07, 2002 – 11:15 a.m.

2002-06-07 11:15


Well, they have arrived. I went out this morning to deadhead and found that the acursed japanese beetles had descended on my Voodoo and decimated several of the blossoms. Squash them! squish them! KILL THEM!! looking around, they also were on the SunnyDew mini (which is in the same bed). At present it appears that none of the other plant have been hit. this is probably because I am currently in a down cycle for blooms. Peace, QE, Suffolk, and Scentimental have no blossoms on them. It also appears that they are not going for the red roses (at least not yet). What is interesting is that the JFK (a white)does not appear to have been affected … yet. One possiblility is that the neem oil I sprayed two weeks ago is working and JFK got a good dose of it. By the time I got around to the Voodoo, I was low on juice.

The Search

So, Lunch today (and probably my trip home if I am not successful during lunch) will be a search for Neem oil. I don’t think Home Despot, I mean, Depot has it so I am going to check some of the garden supply places like Family Home and Garden.

Off I go….

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