End of the Beetle Wars

Thursday, Jul. 25, 2002 – 12:46 a.m.

2002-07-25 12:46

They’re Gone!

I believe that Japanese Beetle season has now come to an end. Rejoice! Rejoice!! (it’s about freaking time!) For the past three days, I have check and found no beetles on any blooms. Woohoo! However, I have notice a little bit more blackspot than before. That is probably because we have had high humidity and even rain at times over the past week. Hurray! (for the rain not the blackspot…).

Several of the bushes have some nice new growth and the Perfect Moment has a nice flush (a bunch of blooms all at about the same time) that is about to burst. The Francis Dubreuil has got about 5 blossoms currently and they have a wonderful scent. I picked some over the weekend but they don’t seem to last when cut. Maybe I need to cut them at an earlier stage.

I think I need to give the bushes in bed 1 a good shot of feed. The Peace has nice green foliage but no flower buds at present; that seems a little unusual to me because Peace has always been a good producer in the past.

The other thing I need to do in the garden is weed. the pinestraw mulch is doing a fine job but there are still sprigs of grass growing all through the beds.

I think its bedtime so I am going to end now….

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