Rose Class and Weddings (part 2)

Sunday, Oct. 13, 2002 – 7:48 p.m.

2002-10-13 7:48

Rose Class (continued)

Sorry about the interuption… I got sidetracked and forgot that I had not completed the entry regarding University…

I reviewed my handout and with the exception of the addition LC call numbers for some of the bibliography entries, it seemed like to was fine for this class. I make 15 copies of both the handout itself and the bibliography. Oh, I did add two things to the handout… A map that showed how to get from the student center on campus to the rose garden and a map of the layout of the rose garden itself.

So, at 1:30, I dutifully stood in the middle of the common area on the second floor of the student center and announced that anyone who wished to attend the rose class should gather with me. I ended up with 5 folk which is not bad. After a few minutes and a couple of other announcements, I led them across campus. In the course description, I said that if the weather was bad, the class would be cancelled but we had sunny weather (though warm… about 80 degrees that day… and humid).

During the walk over, I did my talk about the history and different varieties and their origins was far as we know.

The timing worked out pretty well… we got to the park just as I was finishing up that part.

The Wedding

Upon arriving at the park, we found that there were a lot of people there and the central part of the garden was set up with rows of chairs. [sigh] there is a wedding… I went down to determine what the timing for the event would be… Just my luck, the person I find is the bride. Needless to say, she was unwilling to have a bunch of folk in silly clothes wander around in the middle of her wedding. She was polite but emphantic “We have the garden reserved from 1pm to 5pm.) Oh well, we walked around through the ampitheater to the other side of the garden. This where the antique roses were marked on the map. since it was next to a small parking lot for the Raleigh Little Theater.

I was able to show the “bushy” habit of the older roses compared with the modern hybrid Tea; We then stepped up to a walk way from where we could look at garden from above and a range. We talked some more and then headed back to the student center.

Oh well… the rose walk was a great idea but how was I supposed to know that there would be a wedding? I didn’t even know you could reserve it! I guess I will know next time, eh? Unfortunately, there probably will not be another university hosted her for a while….

My Garden

Well, I have not had much opportunity to work in the garden this week. I did do some deadheading but I still have a fair amount of black spot. At that point, there were not very many blooms but since then, things have recovered some. The weather has cooled off and several days ago (Friday), we got a couple of inches of rain so they are well watered. [smile] I need to pick some for the house. Maybe I will do that tomorrow morning.

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