Catch Up (Part 2)

Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2003 – 3:22 p.m.

2003-01-15 3:22


Rose Calendar for Grandma

One of the things that distracted me over the holidays was that there was a change in plans.

Rather than going down to spend Christmas with my parents in SC, my parents drove to Indiana, picked up my grandmother (mom’s mom), and drove her to Charlottesville, VA where my mother’s youngest sister (and her family) now live. We had a wonderful time but what do you give a lady who has been living on her own in a house for the past year (since my G-father died) and is now planning to move into an assisted living facility? The last thing she needs is more STUFF…. So I came up with the idea of taking some of the pictures of my roses and making a calendar for her. I used the thick HP photo paper for my inkjet printer and went to Kinko’s and had them spiral bind it across the top. It came out GREAT! She loved it.



VP for Programs

I forget whether I mentioned it earlier but one of the things that happened this fall was I was talked into serving as an officer in the Raleigh Rose Society. That’s what I get for showing up consistently at meetings [grin]. So, now I am Vice President for Programs for the coming year (Jan to Dec) which basically means that I am in charge of finding a speaker or a topic for each meeting. This is not as bad as it may sound since some of the programs are ones we do every year. For example, January is usually Rosemania Vendor night (you order a vendor night package from, February is the Pruning workshop/swap night where people bring in bushes to practice pruning and swap bushes at the end of the evening. April is how to prepare and prep for exhibiting at a show, May is the show itself, June is the summer picnic. Dec is the X-mas get-together. And we don’t meet in July or August. That leave only about a half dozen programs to come up with. Not too bad. One of the ones I plan to do is my class that I teach at University (though I may have to modify some of the material since these folk would probably already know the basics of roses). Another idea I had was see if I could get Magy Frasier to teach her class on Rose Beads.



Spraying Revisited


Back to my Roses…. This past weekend finally applied the Lime-Sulphur spray! It was back to Family Home and Garden for another bottle (which I had trouble seeing…. for a while there I was scared that they were out of it!) and then home to “suit up”. After putting on all the long sleeve shirt/old sweatshirt, rubber gloves, respirator, and goggles, I brought out the 1 gallon sprayer… RINSING IT OUT BEFORE STARTING! I poured half the bottle of concentrate into the sprayer then, using a gallon milk jug, one gallon of water. Screwed the pump handle back on and pumped it up. It worked like a charm! I think it was actually easier since it was lighter to carry around. I did about half the roses then made another batch and did the rest. By the time I was done, however, the sun was going down and it was really starting to get cold. As it was, I think it was close to freezing when I started and ended up below by the time I was done. Boy, did that hot shower feel good!!



District Rose Society Meeting


Rather than go to University in a couple of weeks, I have decided to go to the Winter Meeting of the Carolina District of the ARS. I didn’t know when it was because it did not show up in either the ARS magazine or the local newsletter (which is infrequently published at this point). You have to get the District newsletter to know about it… and I don’t, yet. That is something I will rememdy at the meeting. I would probably go to the district meeting anyway but this time there is an added benifit: it is happening in Columbia, SC! Therefore, I can see (and STAY WITH) my parents as well as go to the convention/conference/meeting. Well, when I told Rich, the RRS president, that I was planning to go, he said “Good! You can attend the presidents’ meeting for me. After all, you are a VP…” [sigh] Still, I am looking forward to it. I had a good time last year and I will know a lot more folk this time round. Still, I opted NOT to go to the banquet. Saturday evening is about the only time I am actually going to have with my parents so I am opting for that.


Oh, if anyone is interested in info about the meeting the registration form and the program are online.


Ok… I think that catches me up…. [grin]

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