Stuck at Work

Tuesday, Aug. 05, 2003 – 11:25 p.m.

2003-08-05 11:25

Work Woes4>

Well, it is the night before the day I leave to go to pennsic and where am I? Am I packing stuff and getting ready? Am I furiously sewing or finishing up woodworking projects? no, none of the above…. I am stuck at the office finishing work that can’t wait the two weeks until I get back. [sigh] the RE-install of Peoplesoft HRMS 8.80 is almost done. I found out I needed to have this new environment done by the end of the week which meant for me done by the end of the day. One of the other guys that is working on the project told me the wrong version to install so I find out at 7pm tonight that I need to scrap everything I had done for most of the afternoon and install the latest version fresh from CD. Well, it is almost done. I just need to do the configuration of the development client. Par for the course….

Bed Delivered!

Well, I delivered the bed on friday and it looked great. I took a bunch fo pictures and I will need to get them up on the web… After pennsic….

I did have a few steps left to do on my own bed. I needed to collect the crossbraces from the woodshop and the plywood decking needed to be cut down to size and sanded. I took a break from the installs at the office to go do the remaining woodshop stuff.

Parent visit

One of the other things that was happening this past weekend was my parents were coming to visit. They were bringing me a rug for my living room (their former dining room rug) and two bookcases. Always need more bookcases. We also used dad’s truck to go get the plywood I needed to finish the bed (my bed) and to get 12 bags of pinebark mulch. I furiously cleaned the house Friday night and Saturday morning and they showed up at noon…. right when I figured they would. Sunday, Dad helped by mowing the front yard while Mom weeded the roses (and part of the front woods). I worked on deadheading the roses and getting the watering system re-setup. I bought a replacement one-to-many faucet things. Hopefully this one will last.

The rose beds don’t look too bad…only saw one or two beetles [grin] but we did see two goldfinches while working in the garden. Mission accomplished wit the watering system and I used the old hose sectuon with the dribblers to water the potted bushes.

Spraying and mulching

I had set two tasks to do with the roses before I leave 1)Re-Mulch bed #3 (the one with double delight, Caesar Chavez and King of hears). It had previuously been mulched with pine straw but most of that got tossed over time, while weeding. I used pine bark much this time. and 2) Spray! Unfortunately, the weather has been rainy since Sunday so I have not gotten to that yet. Hopefully, tomorrow morning will be good and I can do this.

Well, I am really tired so I am going call it an evening.

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