Temptation and Teaching

Friday, Jul. 23, 2004 – 5:02 p.m.

2004-07-23 5:02

Temptation by the Road

I drove to work this morning by the route through downtown Cary rather than my usual route (I needed to fill up the gas tank on the car). This route takes me past a roadside “stand” where they sell plants and fresh vegatables. Out front there was a sign that said “Buy One, get one Free” and there were about two dozen rose bushes in pots (they also have things like hybiscus bushes and the like). Good thing I had to get to the office or I might have stopped. I also noticed a marquee at Buchanan’s Nursery that said “Roses $5”. I haven’t stopped there either. I keep telling myself I have enough bushes to care for at present and where would I put new bushes… [sigh]

Teaching at Eno Academy

I spent last evening reviewing my materials for the classes I am teaching at the Buckston collegium, Eno Academy, tomorrow. The course stuff was pretty ready. I went through and updated my lecture notes so they are in the same order as the overhead slides. I also updated my bibliography to include new books I have read since the last time I printed it. I will need to toss the existing copies of the bibliography but that’s ok, it’s only a couple of pages and I can do that on my printer at home.

I need to pick the roses to take to the class tomorrow as well. I am thinking I might put the R. Alba semiplena and Autumn Damask bushes in the car with me, even though they are not in bloom. They are in pots and can be transported and they ARE period roses. [grin] I could also cut a cane off the Austrian Copper bush and take it in… Nah.

Well, I had better get going if I am going to get all this done…

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