I see mulch in my future

Sunday, Jun. 24, 2007 – 10:27 p.m.

2007-06-24 10:27

Wow! Postings three days in a row… must be some kind of a record for me.

So, the spraying didn’t get done this morning but I did get the rest of the beds weeded, deadheaded, and pruned. I did miss a fair amount of stuff in the fading light last night. The bed closest to the house (with the General Jaque Minot, Francesca, and a lot of the other OGRs) had relatively few weeds but took a lot of pruning. Lots of spent blossoms to trim and dead wood to remove. I spent a lot of time reaching over or crawling under the stuff close to the edges of the bed. At some point, I really should move the Eugene de Beauharnais. It is completely overshadowed by the other roses around it. I guess that’s a project to add to the list for next winter.

The bed with the Rosa Mundi in it needed a LOT of work. I weeded much of the bed but there is some stuff that just would not come out (the wire grass; I think I will need to get out the grass herbicide). As it is, Rosa Mundi has spread through much of the bed but I did manage go clear out a fair amount of dead canes around where I initially put the rose bush… Not exactly sure why it seems to have died back at the initial site. Hmmmm. Madame Hardy is looking better this year. In one case, I had to dig up a clump of Rosa Mundi because it was overshadowing the other roses in the bed, like Europeana and Dolly Parton.

Mulch and more mulch

One of the things I noticed in all this work is I need to get a bunch of mulch. Most of the beds need re-mulching. [sigh] That’s probably looking at in the order of 20 bags. Good think I drive a truck!

I am tried now so I think I am got to leave it here.

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