Garden work today

Sunday was a cloudy day with periodic sprinkles for much of the day.  High of about 80 degrees and very humid.  Starting about 6pm, it started raining more steadily and it has pretty much been raining all evening.  I had heard that the first tropical storm of the season, named “Ana”, had formed in the Atlantic and it was ahead of the usual beginning of hurricane season by a good month.  What I didn’t realize was that Ana was coming ashore around Myrtle Beach SC this morning and basically heading due north into NC and tracking pretty much up I-95.  Forcasts have it heading up eastern NC heading for Norfolk, VA.  Anyway, that has been been the weather.

I got about 3 hours of pruning and weeding in, filling up one of the trashcans and cutting down some small volunteer trees from the fence line.   I got the OGR bed, the iris bed, and the bed along the fence all weeded…  perhaps not as thorough as could be done but I got the big stuff.  I also did more pruning n the Souv. dela Malmaison, Alister Stella Grey, and the rescued Rosa Mundi.  I think the rescued Rosa Mundi are still in a bit of shock, have been dug up, had their root completely exposed and then replanted back in pots.  Some of the canes just didn’t make it during the transition.  Still, the canes are green and there are some leaves so there is hope.

Currently blooming in the garden:

  • Rosa alba semiplena
  • Not-Nur Mahal (this is a rose that was labeled as Nur Mahal but didn’t look anything like the photos of the rose so I figure it was mis-labeled.
  • Alister Stella Grey
  • Cardinal Richelieu
  • Souvenir de la Malmaison
  • White Pet
  • Old Blush
  • Blanc Double de Coubert
  • Cepescule
  • Tuscany Superb

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