The Pros and Cons of Rain

I woke up this morning to find that it’s raining… again.  It rained all day Saturday and it now raining again.


In that brief window yesterday when it wasn’t raining, I did lime applied to one bed… and now that lime is getting “watered in”, which is great.  The pelletized lime is finely ground dolomitic limestone that is then put together with a water-soluble binder to make granules that are easier to apply.  Otherwise you are applying a flour-like dust, which can be harder to handle, will blow in the wind, and more prone to getting over-applied.   Basically you have to use a sieve or sifter to apply a dusting…. very labor intensive.   So, it’s GREAT that’s raining.  I should also note that since the lime is not water soluble (or at least not quickly), it takes a while (like months) for the lime to have a broad impact on pH of the soil.  So, it will be spring before there is much impact on the soil… which brings us to the cons…


It’s raining….again…. which means that I am not going to be able to take immediate advantage of weeding I did yesterday.  I can’t go measure out the 12.4 lbs that the OGR bed needs and apply it.  I can’t go out and weed finish weeding the central diamond-shaped bed, or the other overgrown beds, at least not without getting completely soaked and muddy, and, with the outside temps in the 50s or low 60s (it IS October), thoroughly chilled.  Blech.

Enough for now….

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