Building a Cold Frame

IMG_20160113_074657995The weather has turned cold (which is hardly surprising since it IS January) and it dawned on me that a number of the roses that I purchased this year are still in small pots and so would be quite susceptible to freezing.  Therefore I figured I would try to do something to protect them.  I don’t have a greenhouse, garage, or space to bring them inside, I figured I should do SOMETHING in the way of protection.   So I bought a bunch of concrete block and some Tuftex clear polycarbonate roofing panels to cover.  I also bought a real small quartz heater to put in the space (so, technically, I guess it isn’t really a “cold frame”) along with a thermostatically-controlled plug so that it would go on when near freezing and off when about 45 degree.

So this is what it looks like right now.  I still need to make a frame from 2x4s and cut the Tuftex down to size so it doesn’t stick so far above the edge of the cement blocks.  Right now, the Tuftex is subject to being blown off by the wind (or knocked over by the lawn care guys….  grrrr!)  Hopefully I will have a chance to build the wood frame this weekend.

enough for now….

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