Old web photo album from early days of the garden

A number of years ago, in the order of 15 years or so, I borrowed a digital camera, not having one of my own at the time, and shot a bunch of pictures of my rose garden.  I then put those pictures up on the web on a site I got through work.  I was learning to use FrontPage at the time (this was before it was bought up by Microsoft).  Later on, I got my own camera and continued to take pictures over the years and put the albums, created by whatever camera/photo software I was using at the time, up on that same website created.  Well, a couple of years ago, the university decide to decommission the servers that hosted my demo site; however, not before I saved off the contents.  By the way, this was the same location I initially had the “Rose Resources on the Web” stuff, which is now hosted here.  Anyway, I did not get around to loading these old “web photo albums” onto my blog site until now.

So, if you want to see what the garden looked like back in 2001 through2005, go to http://roses.scottandlara.com/lemming/photo.htm or select “Old photo album of garden” from the menu.

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