New Roses Arrive!

Yeah, I am way behind in my posts again. Good intentions and all that…

So… I have the beginning of a plan with regard to the new beds (which, just to cut to the chase, I still have not planted anything in) so I went ahead and order some new rose bushes.   I ordered from a couple of nurseries and the order from Rogue Valley Roses came in yesterday.  This time they were all 3″x3″x6″ band pots though the box was still the big long box that again did not seem like it was sufficiently sturdy.  Fortunately all the pots were packed into one end and most of the roses canes relatively short so unless the box got completely crushed, the plant would survive.  They ship USPS so this time I asked them to ship “no signature required” so the postman would leave the box on the front porch…. I was not going to have the bushes sit all weekend in the post office.  I also got the package tracking number this time so I knew when it was actually delivered, which was better than last time.

Here is what I got yesterday:

  • Rosa Alba Semi-Plena (Alba): 2 bushes
  • Autumn Damask (Damask): 1 bush
  • Kazanlik (Damask): 3 bushes
    This is the rose that is grown for the production of rose attar in Bulgaria
  • Mme Plantier (Hybrid Noisette): 1 bush
    Rogue Valley Roses give you a free rose (from their list of free roses… overstocks I assume) for every 4 rose you order (up to 3 free roses).  This was my free rose.

All arrived in good condition (at least that I could tell when I unpacked them by the light of the porch light.) and they have been watered.  I will take a closer look at them today and decide if I want to give them more time in the band pots or go ahead and repot them into 1 gallon pots (I hope I have enough pots!  hmmmm).

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