Spraying/Pictures/year 4 (part 1)

2002-05-01 – 10:15 p.m.

2002-05-01 10:15


The weather is warming up and the rose plants are starting to get bushy.
That means it’s time to start the spray program. Yesterday after work,
I broke out the sprayer and did my first application of a fungicide called
Captan. This product is supposed to be very good at controlling blackspot.
Unlike previous products I have used, Captan is what is known as a “wettable
powder”. This means the product does not actually dissolve in water but forms
a suspension. This means that you have to frequently agitate the sprayer
to keep it in suspension. Boy is my arm tired! I am not sure if I have
the correct sprayer for doing this because, by the end, the sprayer got clogged.
It took quite a while during the cleanup to get the sprayer un-clogged.
I originally thought that maybe it was the spray nozzle that got clogged
but after removing the wand, it seemed to be back on the feed tube and handle
as well. I will have to check the web for info about spraying this stuff.
In the mean time, it is back to using Orthonex, the combo insecticide/fungicide
that I have used in the past. Why change you ask? Several rose experts
have recommended alternating between different fungicides because using a
single product seems to lose its effectiveness by the end of the summer.
I also need to spray with Vantage (or weed) because one bed is fairly overrun
with grass. I don’t know why. Weeding sounds like a good early morning
activity… now if I can just get up early.

Garden as of last year:

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here is the garden as of
May 26th, 2001. I borrowed a coworker’s digital camera and uploaded the pictures
to a test website at the office. I never did get a chance to rename the
files so they have the picture numbers that the camera used rather than the
actual names of the flowers. However, to see the examples of the individual
roses, click on the names below:


JohnF. Kennedy

Orange Garnette


Angel Face



Fragrant Cloud






The following are grocerystore miniatures that didn’t make it through the
year (because I forgot to water them last fall…)



Click here
for the full web gallery which includes some wider angle pictures of the

Now on to this current year:

It is year 4 and I have expanded extensively this year. I have
planted the bed that had tomatoes in it last year as well as finished up
a new bed. These beds are pretty much triangular:

*                                        *
*                                        *
*                                      *
*                                   *
*                               *
*                            *
*                        *

*                     *
*                   *
*                *
*              *

with the long side being about 16 ft and the long base about 8 ft. (outside
dimensions). Ok, this doesn’t do it justice so I will just have to pull
out Visio and draw a real to-scale layout…. Ok so in the old tomato bed
(which I think of as bed 3), I started with two plants from Walmart:

, a white floribunda and Chigago Peace, a HT (Hybrid Tea). Most of the
popular roses these days are hybrid teas so unless I say otherwise, it is
safe to bet it is a hybid tea. But that may change in the future.
However, when I planted the
Chicago Peace

, it had a tag that said “

” so it may actually be that. I have to wait until it blooms. Oh, I should
state now that because these plants have not bloomed, I am adding picture
links from one of the major mailorder rose nurseries, Hortico.com. Once
I have blooms of my own, I will use those pictures. To this was added another
HT called Caesar Chavez (picture from the Jackson & Perkins site)
that Nikulai gave me (it’s doing great too!). I had these prior to the
rose society Feburary pruning workshop and rose swap. From that session,
I came home with a bunch more:

Kittyhawk (pink miniature) (I confess, I got this one for the name…)
(red/yellow blend HT)
Little Paradise (mauve miniature)

Double Delight

(Red/white blend HT)
King of Hearts (red HT)
Centergold (yellow miniature)

That pretty much filled up bed 3. This is getting long so I will leave
Bed 4 for later.


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