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2002-04-27 – 11:09 p.m.

2002-04-27 11:09

Well, here I am again. I kind of lost track of this forum for awhile. Then several friends of mine said “Manus, you need to get a Diaryland page…” They were quite suprised when I said I already had one. Ok… So if you write a diaryland page but no one know it exists, does it really (exist, that is)??

But my purpose for writing this journal is for the roses so I will move on to that. Where was I?

Year Three:

In year three, I added four roses that I got at the February RRS (Raleigh Rose Society) meeting. Every February the club has a pruning workshop where members who are planning to get rid of some bushes (refered to as “shovel pruning”) dig up these specimens and bring them to the meeting un-prune. We then practice on these bushes and at the end of the evening, anyone can take any of the bushes home that they want. I got:

Mr. Lincoln (good deep red HT)

Scentimental (bi-colored red and white with great fragrance)


Miss Flippens (miniture)

I put Mr Lincoln in the place where the Red Masterpiece had been and the others in the bed with Voodoo. I also added a miniture yellow called “Sunny Dew”. However, I can’t seem to find this name in any of the books so I suspect that it has another offical name. There were also two minitures (a red and a white) from the grocery store which I put in small pots but they did not make it through the summer.

The year was generally good and the roses flurished. I did spend more time spraying than the previous year but….

Voodoo did not do as well as I had hoped and several of the beds got infested with wire grass…. I am going to have to sprace with Vantage next year.

Bye for now.

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