Year Two

2002-03-12 – 12:26 a.m.

2002-03-12 12:26

Well, last night was not as cold as they said it would be so I think the rose will be ok for now. It is supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow so it looks like I won’t need to water until the weekend.

Back the the history of my rose garden:

To get a view of the garden the first year, go to The Garden .

In the second year, I got more serious about growing roses. I started attending meetings of the Raleigh Rose Society meetings. In the second year, I added a number of plants, replacing some of the dead roses and added several more:

Peace (This is the first rose I remember the name of from when I was about 5)
John F. Kennedy (white)
Fragrant Cloud

I did get some canes out of the base of Red Masterpiece but they looked significantly different from the year before and did not bloom. I think the rootstock budded. I also manaage to plant Frangant Cloud and Artistry beside each other. Both are about the same color so it can be difficult to tell which is which when they get big.

Voodoo was put in the middle of a new bed and a border of lavander was planted along two sides.

The first year I generally tried to do “organic” style gardening and the bugs and black-spot were really bad. Therefore, I started doing a spray program which helped significantly in the second year. Nothing too rigorous, just a combo insecticide/fungicide (Orthanex) about every other week.

I am happy to say that in year two, I did not loose a single plant!

— Manus

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