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Tuesday, May. 07, 2002 – 5:52 p.m.

2002-05-07 5:52


I got my membership info for the American Rose Society (ARS) yesterday. In the packet were the booklet that discusses how to exhibit roses (including a list of the official names of roses), a membership card, a booklet of discount coupons, and a list of member gardens of the American Horticultural Society with which ARS has a reciprical agreement. This means that I can get into these gardens for free and may even get a discount at their shops! I checked and there are about 5 gardens in NC that I now need to visit (Grin!). I also get discounts on stuff from the ARS catalog as well. Now I just need to subscribe to the ORG (Old Garden Roses) SIG newsletter from the ARS.

My Garden

This morning I finished weeding the bed that had gotten overrun with grass. Fortunately, the grass was easy to pull. What I really need to do is get a bunch of mulch and do the whole bed. I am thinking I will use pinestraw. I can get a bale or two and see how it does. Pine bark is heavy (to transport) and from what I understand may rob the soil of nitrogen as it breaks down.

I also took a look at the bushes and things are looking good! Almost every plant has buds on them (or openning blooms!) so I need to get out there with the camera again. I was pleased to see that the Europeana (a red floribunda) which I got from Witherspoon has finally started to grow. It has a number of new branches coming but still no leaves. I was getting worried that it might not grow.

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