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Tuesday, May. 14, 2002 – 12:12 a.m.

2002-05-14 12:12


Lesson Learned

Hurray! Most of the bushes are actively blooming! I have pictures in the works but I need to relabel the pictures and build the website. Given that I also have to do some webwork for pictures from Crown, I am looking at spending some time in front of the computer in the next couple of days.

Ok, now for the lesson…. This year I got enthusiastic and bought two roses (Iceberg and Chicago Peace) at Walmart back in February. As I state earlier, when I actually went to plant the Chicago Peace, it had a label that said it was Granada. I have been waiting for it to bloom to see which it is. Well, it has bloomed. (So has the Iceburg). Iceberg is supposed to be a pure white Floribunda. My plant is not pure white, it isn’t even white. And the “Chicago Peace/Granada” is red. It’s not supposed to be RED!! They are nice looking bushes so I am not going to rip them out. But I may replace them next year… with the plants I really wanted. Hey, they only cost me $2.99 each at Walmart; I guess you get what you pay for, eh?


Note: Since I have not had a chance to upload the latest photos to my “webpage” at the office, some things that I plan to put links on have not been done. Please check back to this entry

Note 2: Ok, the links have been updated.



Rose Shows

Last week was the Eastern NC Rose Show in New Bern, NC. I had planned to go take a look but found I had stuff that needed to get done around the house (not the least being that I had to make break-down tourney field fence.) By the time I could get out the door, it was noon and New Bern is a good 3+ hour drive. That just didn’t seem like the best way to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Talking to one of the guy from the Raleigh Rose Society today, it appears that Rich (another guy from the local group) won a bunch of ribbons.


Coming up this Saturday (may 18) is the Raleigh Rose Society’s 55th annual rose show and I am scheduled to help set up. It will be held at the outlet mall near the Airport and is open to the public after noon. I am even going to enter some blooms!



Rose Class: roses then and now

I also need to start prepping my class on period roses. I really haven’t done much with it since I taught it last October but I am going to teach it twice in the next two weeks…. at Elvegast on thursday May 23 (7:30pm) and at University on June 1.




Let me state that I have NOT walked the trail at Lake Johnson refered to in Nia’s diary so I only had the book North Carlina Hiking Trails, 2nd ed. by Allen de Hart, to go on. It describe the trail as “Easy”; the book defines “easy” as

…meaning the trail has gentle grade, may be short, and does not require a rest stop.





Ack… I will need to continue this later. I can hardly keep my eyes open.

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