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Saturday, May. 25, 2002 – 10:22 p.m.

2002-05-25 10:22

Rose Class

Tonight, Thursday night , has been a busy night. Right now I am somewhere between Cary and Southern Pines on the train, heading for Columbia. I went pretty much directly from teaching my rose class at the Elvegast meeting to the train station. Better to be too early when catching a train (or plane) that too late. But I get ahead of myself…

The 2nd and 4th Thursdays are A&S night at Elvegast. Before I would teach, I needed to pick some roses and print out the handout. It would have gone smoothly if the printer had not gotten jammed three times. I ended up printing the pages of the handout uncollated. In the end, I had 15 copies of each page of the handout. At least I had the forethought to print them 2-pages-per-sheet so that it was not that much paper. The bibliography I did better with… It was two pages and stapled. The cutting of the flowers went fine and I managed to leave the house at right time to almost make the meeting on time. The Francis Dubreuil was blooming and it is a wonderfully intense shade of dark red. Ack! and I forgot to get a picture of it! Oh Well, next bloom will be a “model” for the photo. It has a spectacular aroma too. In addition to the Francis, I also cut several Peace, a Fragrant Cloud, a Rose de Rescht, Mr. Lincoln, two Perfect Moment, a Scentimental, a spray of Queen Elizabeth, a spray of Kittyhawk, several Miss Flippens, and a King of Hearts. I also pick one of the Not-Chicago Peace. I manage to make it to the meeting only about 5 minutes late but there were still several folk who came in after I got there.

I had about 17 people for the class which meant that I have just about the right number of handouts. Cool! No real problems in the class except that the Rose de Rescht and Scentimental fell apart during the class. I asked Drea what I could do to improve the class and she suggested slowing down a little (sometime it was hard to understand me.) and concentrate speaking to one individual when talking; guess I “bounced” from person to person. I forgot to check to see how well I hit my time limit. I did get some good questions during the Q&A time. Some of the questions were about use of roses in period so I guess I need to research that further. Hey, a topic for the follow-up class: “Roses 102: Use of Rose in Period”. I also want to research reference to roses in literature and paintings. And I need to nail down some of the references to rose in ancient times (what was that Greek island? and the reference to a Roman host suffocating his guests by mistake by burying them in rose petals.)

Furniture Retreival

[Saturday] The retrieval of the furniture from SC went well but I am quite tired right now. Something about getting off a train at 3am, getting up at 7:30 to get the truck and load it up. That was done by about 9:30 and after unloading a desk at my parents and picking up a bookshelf (and a shower), I was on the road by noon. After a leisurely drive back to Cary, I got home about 6pm.

Well, I was going to have a place to put this stuff, I was going to have to pick up, move, and vacuum. I managed to get the upstairs done before I went to bed at 1:30am. Downstairs was this mornings task. At about 12:30 Declan and Daniel showed up to help me unload and we were done by about 1. Not bad but there really wasn?t that much stuff really. The living room looks good; it actually looks like a living room!

Yeah, I am tired… now I just need to clear the stuff I dumped on the bed before I can go to bed …

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