A Summary of the Spring

Thursday, May. 19, 2005 – 6:08 a.m.

2005-05-19 6:08

Here is a short summary of what I have been doing since my March 1st posting (about pruning). It has been a busy spring….

  • The first weekend of March was the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival. I took the poster and the results of the forced rose project… (which was successful… I had blooms!).
  • The end of March, I went down to visit my parents and, while in the area, I went to Rose Unlimited and got some roses
  • I built a rose bed for Muir at her house. (not an insignifacant project)…
  • Not rose related but I joined Weight Watchers back in the middle of January and I have lost 46 pound so far.
  • Again not rose related… As part of the weight-loss process, I have been working at being more active and so I tried got a bike refurbished and have been riding it.

I will write more about each of these events and come back and update this entry with links to the details.

Enough for now…

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