Hot summer and stinging insects

Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2010 – 5:47 p.m.

2010-10-13 5:47

Good thing roses grow without much care because I haven’t put any significant time in lately. We did some weeding over the summer to try and keep things under control but we have been busy.

It was a HOT summer and we are still getting 80 degree days. Yikes! Still it is getting cooler over time. We also had a pretty long dry spell then about two weeks ago, we had about 7″ of rain over the course of a week. Talk about feast or famine!

We did take a crack at getting the last bed “under control” by cutting off the trees that had started growing and ripping out the wild grape that was covering pretty much everything in the bed. Unfortunately, we also discovered that the bed has been infested with at least one yellowjacket nest. Ok, they may not actually be yellowjackets, I didn’t stick around to identify them, but they are a variety of stinging insect that has ground nests. L got stung a couple of times but, other than some sore spots and a little swelling, she came through ok.

Enough for now….

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