Catch up and new rose project

Tuesday, Jun. 07, 2011 – 3:49 p.m.

2011-06-07 3:49

Catch up…

[Long time passes without an update]

So! here we are again! It has been a long time since my last update. Again, the garden has been neglected except for making sure the water is hooked up. Well, ok, we did do SOME stuff:

  • Remember those stinging insects that nailed L? Well, we were out doing work and they hit her again. This time she had a reaction so we headed for the local Urgent Care place (“Doc-in-a-Box”) and they took good care of her. She is definitely allergic to the… I am going to call them … yellow jackets and we got her an epi-pen. I bought some wasp killer and hit the entrance to the nest but I don’t know if that got the whole thing.
  • Once the weather got real cold, I went out and dug up the stumps from the “trees” I/we took out of that bed. I also dug up the nest.
  • We did pruning in the early spring along with a lot of weeding. Got the Souvenir dela Malmaison (which L likes to refer to as “Audrey 2”) mostly under control.
  • I redid the watering setup for the bushes in the woods area. It now uses the 1/2″ supply hose with 1/4″ drop lines connecting to the individual bushes. That should help those roses and should be easier to manage.

The Wedding Roses Project

At this point the wedding is 4 months off…. and I had this idea of getting a bunch of rose bushes, putting them in pots (big pots), and, if they look good, using them as part of the wedding decorations. I figure I can do a reasonable job managing a half dozen bushes in pots, where I can see them, than I do with the bushes in the garden.

Initially, I got 5 bushes while we were up at Witherspoon Rose Culture for the local Rose show and their First Bloom celebration in the middle of May. I have since added a 6th bush so I will now have 2 white and an orange bush for each side of the “altar” (assuming they all look reasonable come October…). Here is a photo of the setup:

The roses are (from left to right):

I am pretty sure all of them are hybrid teas.

Oh, well…. guess I should get back to work

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