Cherokee Rose Blooms!

Wednesday, Apr. 17, 2013 – 9:03 p.m.

2013-04-17 9:03


I went out this morning to look to see if something had uprooted the rugosa rose again. Fortunately, the rose was fine so I took the time to put down two bags of pinebark mulch on the bed next to the fence. That covered about half of the bed. I am hoping the mulch will also help prevent whatever uprooted the bush from doing it again.

Cherokee Rose bossom

As I was walking around to put the empty plastic mulch bags into the trash, I noticed that there were two blooms on the Cherokee Rose that has been growing in the herb bed by the kitchen door for the past probably 6 years. This is a bush grown from a cutting I took back in 2006 when I went down to Ocean Springs, Mississippi, to help rebuild some houses after Hurricane Katrina. While in O.S., I went by Muir’s family’s house there, which had been badly damaged by the storm; there was a large cherokee rose bush that grew up over the carport. I took several cuttings and brought them back and tried to root them but only one took…. this one. In all these years, it has never bloomed and I was beginning to think I had gotten a sterile cane as a cutting. Boy am I glad to see I was wrong!

Cherokee Rose blossom

The Cherokee Rose (Rosa laevigata is actually native to Asia and not North America. It was introduced here back in the late 18th century and naturalize, and became know as Cherokee Rose. It is the state flower of Georgia.

Here is a shot of another bloom:

Guess that will do for now.

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