New Roses Arrive!

This year I ordered new rose bushes from Heirloom Roses as they had some varieties I was looking for.  I actually placed an order back in November of last year  for a single rose bush, then earlier this year, I placed another order for four additional plants.  This vendor sells roses in two size pots: 4″x4″x6″ banded and 1 gallon.  All but one of the bushes I ordered were the 4x4x6 banded pot size.

Monday I received my order from last November.   You might ask why it took them 6 months to ship the bush; well, unlike some vendors that ship roses bare-root (therefore dormant) bushes, Heirloom Roses ships rooted cuttings that are actively growing.  When I placed the order, it was too late in the year for the vendor to ship the plants so it got delayed until the spring.

Bright Fire roseThe first of my orders arrived Monday.  It is a the single modern rose bush called “Bright Fire” which has an orange bloom.  What I seem to have missed when I ordered it is that it is a climber.  Not sure how where I am going to put this bush since I don’t really have a spot that works for a climber.




The second of my orders arrived today (Tuesday)… ok by now that makes it yesterday.  This order was four bushes:

I must say, these bushes arrived in MUCH better condition that the roses I ordered last year from a different vendor.  I am quite happy with how they were shipped, the packing job, and the condition they arrived in.  Now I just need to figure out where to put them. [sigh]

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  1. This looks great, and you have one more arriving today (April 8) from me! I believe it’s an Apothecary Rose.

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