Pruning and Making a Plan

The weather was superb today for working in the garden… though I really didn’t end up with much time there.  We had a house guest this morning so spent time having a leisurely breakfast of french toast and tea followed by a run down to the baronial storage unit to return the directional road signs from yesterday’s SCA event.

I did end up with about 2 hours of time in the garden, most of which was spent pruning.  I finished up the bed with the Noisette roses and moved on to the central bed with the climbing Souvenir de la Malmaison.  It had some long dead canes that I manage to cut out but it was a battle.

The rest of the time was spent getting a few pictures and taking measurements of the beds in preparation for making a plan for getting the beg perimeters rebuilt.  I figured it would be useful to have a web page that I could point landscaping contractors to (kind of like a simple RFP) regarding what I want done.  Here is what I have so far:    I think I need to add a few pictures and a diagram of the rose beds, with dimensions.  At this point it is a work in progress.

I am off to bed….

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