New Roses: Rose des Peintres and Splendens

The shipment of bare root roses from Palatine Roses came yesterday. As I talked about in my post “Amazing what one learns when you talk to the rose nursery“, I ordered three bushes back at the end of September.  While you might think that this is a long time for the shipment to arrive, the delay in shipment is by design.  These roses were shipped bare-root, unlike many of the roses I have been getting lately.  They are bigger, more mature bushes than the rooted-from-cuttings bushes I have gotten from other nurseries.  They are also grafted, which is different from a lot of my other bushes.  The delay in shipping was so the bushes, which have been planted in a field for at least the past year, had a chance to go completely dormant before they were dug up, all the soil washed from their roots, put in plastic bags, and shipped.

So the new roses are:
[table id=1 /]

So… I have my work cut out for me today.  I need to get these roses planted…. today…. Now I just need to figure out where…  Pots would be work but I do have space in the refreshed beds….

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