Catch Up Post – June 2017

This is a catch-up post. I have not posted since last November so I am going to post a summary of what has been going on then (hopefully) going back and do specific posts with details a particular subject,  I kept meaning to write up posts but it just didn’t happen.  I will say this, trying to write something at 11pm generally does not work.  I need to figure out a different time of day to write things up and post.

So… what has been going on (in reverse chronological order… mostly)?

  • Yesterday, I taught my roses classes at Atlantian Summer University in Lynchburg VA
  • I am scheduled to teach the classes at Pennsic again this year
  • I was one of the speakers at the Heritage Rose Foundation 2017 annual conference in Frederickburg, VA on May 18-20.    I met a bunch of neat people and came home with 5 new rose bushes.
  • I visited with Jim Dronenburg (Master James of Rutland) and Daniel Weil (Master Daniel of Rutland) in November, and through them met Connie Hilker of Hartwood Roses in Fredericksburg VA.
  • I rooted some cuttings I got … and some actually took!
  • The potted roses were “wintered over” in a cold frame I reconstructed again this year.
  • I have weeded the revamped rose beds a number of times since they were finished (but it is an ongoing battle… which I don’t seem to be winning…)
  • I cut out a volunteer maple and wild grape that had grown up in the gardenia bushes (and into the roses next to it)
  • Documenting the saga of revamping the rose beds (multiple posts)
  • I want to do a post about the “thousand year rose” in Germany

Now I just need to find the time to write all these posts.  Sigh.

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  1. Blogging is heavily dependent on inertia …. once the blogging is at rest, it is difficult to get it back into motion. I’m suffering from this myself. My advice is to write about what you want write about, when you want to write, and not to worry about the backlog. I get hung up most often when I feel that my next post has to be about X or that I must follow up on Y, instead of remaining in the moment and enjoying the process.

    This said, you know that I would LOVE to hear about the rest of your escapades. I loved getting to know you better at the HRF conference in May. Thank you VERY much for agreeing to speak. I am thrilled that it was such a positive experience for you.

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