Winter is coming…. NOW!

Well, I was waiting for things to cool off for a while.  According to Weather Underground and a nearby personal weather station, a week ago, it was in the upper 70s during the day and in the upper 50’s at night.  A week later, they are predicting a low of 24 for Saturday morning. I am not ready!  It was Wednesday when I heard that we were in for a hard freeze on Friday night/Saturday morning.    I was not going to have a chance to construct the cement block cold frame that I have constructed and broken down for the past two years before Saturday morning.  Besides, all the roses I had last year had grown over the summer and I had added about 16 new bushes between what I got a the HRF conference and the visit to Dennis’s in September (Yes, I am really behind in my blog posting….  I am working on that….) to the rescue…  I ordered a Quictent Updated Super Large Zipper Doors Mini Greenhouse Portable Cloche Green House:

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I paid extra to have it delivered in 1 day and it arrived on Friday.  L and I installed it in the backyard after I got home from work, in the dark, and moved most of the potted bushes into the new structure.  Only those bushes that were in large 5 gallon pots, plus a few Knockout bushes that I don’t care that much about, were left out and unprotected.



Alas, there is a problem…. On of zippers on the cover faulty when I openned the package.  You can see where I use blue tape to make sure two sides would stay closed.  The patch job probably won’t hold up to strong wind or rain storm but it was the best I could do.  Once the immeadiate danger of dangerous freeze has passed, I will take it down so I can ship it back and get a new one.   


Now I just need to find the paperwork…

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